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As a former hospital CEO who has spent more than a quarter century in healthcare, Dr. Groner is the physician I trust to treat both my wife and I. He takes the time to listen to your issues and then performs a thorough physical exam, often ordering essential tests (MRIs, X-rays, etc.) to further his medical evaluation. Afterward his treatment recommendations are sound and medically appropriate. 
Gentle, compassionate, and intelligent, Dr. Groner is one of the few physicians I entrust with my life. He is the only person who has helped resolve chronic joint and spine conditions that have caused me pain and suffering for decades. Dr. Groner is the epitome of professionalism, a true credit to his craft.
Don’t settle for the rest when you can get the best in Dr. Groner.
Alan Joseph

former hospital CEO

You found what other doctors want to mask over with medication and anti-depressants and label ‘fibromyalgia’. THANK YOU! I am grateful.

I’ve never met a more compassionate man/doctor. Many male doctors don’t even try to explain, let alone let you ask questions and then give an answer that is easy to understand. He is amazing.

Nancy Purviss

I can’t say enough about this fine doctor. He’s very thorough and knowledgeable and cares about his patients.

I’ve had chronic back pain for over 25 years. He ordered several test and found the underlying problem when other doctors couldn’t.

Party Yahne

Highly, highly recommend!
After a year of no answers and test after test, we found Dr. Groner.
After just one appointment we have answers for my husband and finally feel like we have someone who will listen.
We are hopeful again that my husband will get better.
You can just tell he and his staff cares. I’m thankful to have a doctor like him in town.
Brandy Reedy

I have had chronic pain for almost 4 years in my core and neck regions from a lifetime of sports and hard living. I tried many treatments including physiology, chiro, massage, PRP injections and hernia surgery without success. 
Why? Because no provider actually got the correct imaging. They passed the buck to someone else. 
Dr. Groner has a non-nonsense approach and immediately helped me where all others failed. He ordered the proper imaging and did not pass the problem to someone else. He is very knowledgeable and has genuine care for his patients.
Mike Monroe

My husband saw Dr. Groner for his back. He is wonderful!

Last summer my husband had shoulder surgery by another doctor. What a mistake that was! He is in worse pain and may not heal all the way.

He is coming back to Dr. Groner to see what can be done because he’s an awesome doctor!

Jeanne Seving Austin

If you ever need a Pain Management Doctor, I recommend Dr. John Groner.

He found where the pain is coming from.
He treats you as a friend and wants the best for you.
He doesn’t just give pain pills.
He finds the root of the the pain and ways to fix it.

Thanks Dr. Groner! I consider you as a friend and brother who cares for people.

David Schick

Dr. Groner actually physically examines you and goes through each step aloud so you hear the reasons for each test. He is thoroughly consistent and even speaks as he’s writing on your chart so you know what being recorded.
After years of pain, injections and ablations on my back while asking why my hip hurt, he finally verified that there is something going on with my hip.
I’ve been to some real quacks for answers and none of them physically examined me and even made baseless claims. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Groner if you need answers instead of quackery.
Lauri Rapko

Great Doctor. Very impressed with his insight. You’re in good hands.

Janelle Hale-Larsen

Seven years ago, following back injuries and several back surgeries, I was in constant pain and discomfort. Surgeries had not relieved the pain and I was referred to Dr. Groner.

Dr. Groner found and fixed the problem. He gave me back the things that I love doing—golfing, biking and swimming!

Recently, when the pain returned, I knew just where to go to find relief: Dr. Groner at Revitalize Spine & Sports Care!

Jim Kion

I’ve seen many doctors for constant back pain. I was told I was fat. No kidding!

I saw Dr. Groner. He found bulging discs, degenerated discs, arthritis and more but the scariest thing was two bulging discs very close to my spinal cord.

The discs were replaced seven years ago. Had he not listened to me and taken me seriously, I very well could be paralyzed now. He really listens. He looks for ways to make you better—without popping pills.

Shelley Parolee