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Everything starts with our carefully listening to you tell us what’s going on. We need to know what you’re experiencing: where the pain seems to be coming from and how it’s radiating.  We need to know when the pain began, how severe it is, what makes it worse or what makes it hurt less.

All of this is needed to narrow down the list of possible causes, which gets us to a solution more quickly.

This is why we do thorough neurological and orthopedic physical exams: to determine which diagnosis (or diagnoses) are correct.

From there, we can develop an accurate, detailed assessment and plan.

Most treatments are available in our office, but if it would be better to refer out to a specialist for some part of your treatment, we will – including, if needed, massage, Chiropractic or physical therapy.

Occasionally – though rarely – psychological services for depression and anxiety are needed to help break the cycle of physical pain creating stress and anxiety – in turn making physical pain worse. In such a case, we will refer as needed to give you the best results possible, the soonest possible.

More information is available about specific treatments available in office or by referral by calling (509) 591-4966 during business hours.